For my darling Dragoslair who wanted to see my parrots drawings, here is the poster I did for a vet starring my velociraptor… errr… my senegal parrot Pippo and his real poses!

The ballons in the framed scenes in the centre say (from left to right)

- Here I can do that by myself
- But here I can’t…
- Oh yes, right there!

The balloons on the other scenes around say (From the top left, clockwise)

- What’s this?
- I’m a well behaved parrot
- Can you pet my belly?
- I’m good, right? Right?
- I take a nap…
- …after preening
- It wasn’t me!

Soon I’ll post my parrot watercolours too (the colours are a bit off because I’m on my sis’ Mac and everything changes over there! O___o )
Hope you will enjoy the cuteness before another kinky porn thing will be posted! -///////////////////////////-