Hello Friends,

My name is Laura Carboni, but most fans of the gay menslove graphic novels know me as “Zel”. I’m from Italy, but I’m trying to produce my book, Roulette, in America. 

This book was at first written by my dear friend Tina Anderson, and bought by Dramaqueen, a small publisher in the USA, and it was published for a short-short time in their magazine called ‘RUSH’.  Suddenly, they stopped paying me, and the writer of my book, because I hear they ran out of money, this is what I think, because they stop printing all Rush books, and stop contacting me!  I’m owed monies for my work on Roulette and so is my writer.  My Tina is not quiet like me, and made a terrible noise to this company, and managed to be paid only in copies of RUSH.  She sold these copies on Amazon for a time, and sent me the monies from these sales. I was elated, and happy, but very guilty, because I think she is owed monies also—but she will not take her half of sales, from me.

I’m here on Kickstarter because I love Roulette, and I love the idea that sexy comics can made for men and women, and not just for one or the other! Roulette is a story that is very much for men, and I have found a publisher in Italy who will produce Roulette for “bara” fans in Italy, but they are a small publisher that does not pay until my artwork is complete.  I want Roulette to be finished for all the gay world, and ladies who like bara, but I want to produce it with my writer, because she produces her own works and they are beautiful!  Roulette is 255 pages, and I’m nearly complete, soon its ready for tones and new letters, but this will cost me monies.

Money is always a problem for me, as you know the economy in Italy is very bad. I’ve even gone back to drawing for children’s comics at WINX Club, but this pays so little, not enough to allow me time to finish my precious Roulette. The dollar goal I’ve set on is high, but is to recoup what was owed to me by Dramaqueen for the pages I completed, and to pay a tone artist and letterer, also, I want to half-pay for printing and promotion things so that my writer, Tina, does not have to do it all on her own.  I’m half-creator of Roulette, and I want to be half-producer, too!

The first chapter of Roulette can be seen here, some pages are from RUSH, and an extra bit no one has seen, is also there.

I appreciate and love all of you who have the heart and interest in my book, and are willing to help me reach my goal! I close my long note and ask you to forgive my poor English, but to please spread the word for me, and let all know that Roulette is not dead!

With Love,
Laura “Zel” Carboni


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    Still time to help Laura and Tina finish their story and get it printed! Spread the word!
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    Hello Friends, My name is Laura Carboni, but most fans of the gay menslove graphic novels know me as “Zel”. I’m from...