Robert Downey Jr.I feel about Jude, the way Sherlock feels about John. You know, I just love the guy. We’re like brothers. The funny thing too is: we have this very gentlemanly relationship with each other where we kind of show up and set up shop and then work our asses off. And tear through fights and work through scenes and have this incredibly close relationship. And like good, I’ll speak for him, trained actors, you know. And I kind of learned it by proxy. You just turn it off at the end of the day. Go back to your life. And then come in and do it again in the morning. So there’s very much the sense of he and I are like roommates in this big trial. Because it’s always a bear getting through all of the different crucibles that it takes to try to get something like this right. So I just couldn’t ask for a better partner.



This is soooooo good.

It hits on all the underlying themes that makes SH:AGoS a good movie, I’ll be refering anyone who writes of AGoS as hollywood rubbish or sees it as an unimportant chapter in the evolution of Holmes to this article.

It explains all the reasons that I love the movie but hadn’t ever consciously realised.



This is why I don’t particularly like Cumberbatch’s Sherlock: he is more like House than like Holmes, especially in season 2 because in season 1 he was quite better; ok, House was written on Holmes but he isn’t really like him… 

Holmes trusted and loved (yes, sentiment) only Watson, but he was good at socialize when needed, he was diplomatic, not always menstruated like House or BBC Sherlock are, more sarcastic than caustic, and he was a lot less a dick to Watson!!!!!!! 

I will always prefer Livanov’s and RDJ’s Holmes. I know I’m quite alone in my dislike of Cumberbatch’s Holmes… but I don’t care: canon!Holmes is always my first choice. :)

You’re not alone Xel1980, you’re not alone!!!




reichenbachs submitted: 

I know what you mean about it feeling kind of… ‘off’ somehow. I felt like I was watching some sort of weird AU Sherlock where everyone slowly began to lose their minds. And I realize that when you get down to it, this show really is just a modern-day Sherlock Holmes AU, but this is the only show that really felt like it. It didn’t feel like the actual characters we know from series 1; it felt like they were just… doing things. I don’t know how to say it but it didn’t feel like a real Sherlock episode. Maybe all the waiting melted my brain, haha. But it wasn’t all bad - I definitely think the actors did the best with what they were given and I am optimistic for the next two episodes!

Yes! Exactly. Laurie is much more articulate than I am. :)




‘Irene Adler: how to butcher a brilliant woman character’


‘… In the course of the episode, Adler goes from being a genuinely awesome female character to a damsel in distress who is propped up entirely by men. While the original story was written over a century ago, none of this bullshit happened. Adler is consistently portrayed as strong and bright. Yes, she does what she does so she can get married, but here’s the crucial point: she does it all herself.’ (Full Article.)